Harvesting rainwater from the top of polyhouses, storing in tanks and using gravity based drip irrigation systems can lead to virtually self sufficiency for water and energy. No external inputs of water or power would be needed.
Value added crops like capsicum could provide returns and a positive cost benefit ratio.

ESCORTS-MAHLE-GOETZE, Yelahanka, Bangalore
Site Area/Plot Area(hectare/square metre) : 20,234 ha
Roof Area (square metre) : 39,574
Rainfall (millimetre) : 912
Total Rainwater Available : 185 million litres
Rainwater Harvestable (kilo-litre) : 62 million litres
Savings from water harvested (Rs) 37 lakhs per year
Roof Area (square metre) : 1280
Rainwater Harvested : 1.05 million litres
Investment Cost(Rs) : 2.50 lakhs
Savings from Water Harvested (Rs) : 60,000 per year
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